Deputy Commissioner Message

Education is not merely a process of transmitting knowledge of some facts or teaching some skills but also of developing human resource and building harmony. There is a definite linkage between education, society and development. Better education certainly leads to a better or a developed society. A better society is one whose individuals are men and women of strong character, independent mind, clear thinking, a developed civic sense and a feeling for the welfare of the society. It is a society in which people do not pull in different directions, creating conflicts and leading it to disintegration but they lead a life of harmony, unity and peace.

It is my belief that KVS Silchar region is sincerely working towards all round development of the students. While incorporating modern technology in education system, students are also being made aware of rich cultural heritage and spiritual values through various academic, co- curricular and extra curricular activities. Our mission is to produce future citizens endowed with strong moral values and skills to face the challenges of this constantly changing world and to enhance the process of growth by inculcating the feelings of patriotism, brotherhood and national integration.

I wish all the students and staff good luck for all their endeavors which will dispel the darkness of ignorance and enlighten our society with sparks of knowledge and fire of wisdom.

Deputy Commissioner